~ About us ~

A little insight to Get To Know Us.
We are investing in your success. Managing your dealing system has never been easier!

With tremendous financial industry experience, Ark Technologies is considered a leader in the business. We pride ourselves in providing one of the best trading platforms in the industry, with the fastest-selling terminal, to help you start your own brokerage firm in no time.

We provide you with a Complete Brokerage Solution in one single platform that will save you the time of contacting several third-party companies to get your complete solution. In short, you will have a full solution, in one place. This will reduce the time wasted in contacting different companies to achieve your vision.









  • October 1858

    In the beginning, it was the Cable...

  • in the 1970s

    A great portion of transactions has migrated to electronic trading platforms.

  • January 1983

    The internet was born, but there's no such thing as an online trading platform.

  • January 1994

    Netscape, Yahoo, and Amazon launched.

  • July 2019

    Ark Technologies was established by the beautiful minds behind the invention of significant technologies.

  • February 2020

    The first public beta version was released for Ark Trader.

  • May 2020

    The official first broker has gone live with Ark Trader Online Trading Platform.

  • January 2025

    Ark Technologies are considered the biggest provider of online trading platforms worldwide.

160+ Elite Brokers

136K+ Happy Live Clients

1.35M+ Real Weekly Positions

2.51M+ Live Weekly Transactions

Reviewed March 2024

~ System Delivery Process ~

Delivering your system is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • Choose & Customize

  • Documents Handover

    Sign the required documents with your desired company name, website, email, and logo. Then provide the KYC documents of the person who will sign the agreement or the company registration documents. All should be sent from your official company’s website email address to theteam@arktrader.io to be sure you are owning this website domain.
  • Deployment & Training

    When the payment is received, Ark Technologies’ DevOps team will start deploying your system’s Space Station license and delivering it within 3 to 5 working days. Then one of our expert trainers in the financial business field will start an on-site or online training with your team.
  • Launch & Go-Live

    After getting the confirmation from our experts that your team is ready to go live, you can start managing your trading accounts live, and enjoy monitoring all live transactions using your own Ark Trader License. Enjoy your nights with a reliable solution with Ark Trader.

~ Our Team ~

Meet The Team Heads behind this Space project!

~ Ahmad Mousa ~

Co-Founder, CEO


Ahmad is an analytical senior-level information technology expert with a storied history within the information technology (IT) sector where he worked for more than 15 years across three complex organizations related to the financial software field, two of which he founded/co-founded.

In those 15+ years, he developed an expertise in managing digital existence, digital marketing, analyzing technological needs, studying the market technological trends, designing, developing, and integrating software to guide technical strategy, coding, and developing mobile applications, synthesizing information to design and develop system architecture, strategizing the development of new products, and launching digital products efficiently.

~ Iyad Yasser ~

Co-Founder, CTO


Iyad has been enthralled by the financial technology industry for over 15 years. He has shaped and catered state-of-the-art applications for the business needs of the most demanding clients. He has been a trusted advisor to large investors around the world and consistently delivers on his customer-first mantra.

As a head architect, Iyad has ensured regulatory compliance and tight safeguards to secure Ark Technologies' clients’ financial and personal information while at the same time delivering cutting-edge financial business technology. His deep experience in the needs of the industry, future trends, and leading technologies positions him and his team to provide unparalleled innovation and rock-solid technology.

~ Anas Al Zabin ~

Co-Founder, CIO


Anas has had an exceptional role in developing and launching the Ark Trader platform. Despite his young age, he is one of the 3 founders of Ark Technologies, and one of its most prominent assets who represent the future of this company, aspiring to lead Ark Technologies to the top.

Since the beginning, Anas was distinguished by his passion for gaining this field's experiences every day. Now, with more than six years of experience, Anas heads the Information Technology team at Ark Technologies and seeks to lead this group to bring Ark Technologies to the top, Since he has always been obsessed with the idea of ​​Ark Technologies coming to the forefront, and he believes it will happen sooner than later. For him, it's just the beginning.

~ Ammar Saleh ~

Head of Back-End Development


Ammar is an experienced back-end developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry, responsible for heading the data infrastructure team, and ensuring that the team’s coding principles and development processes are up to par. Provide technical expertise and leadership to the team. look after the backend team. Manage the software development lifecycle, including architecture, solution design, quality assurance, and maintenance.

Back-end developers create, code, and improve the server, server-side applications, and databases that, when combined with front-end codes, help create a functional, seamless experience for the end-user. They study industry trends, create or improve back-end processes and codes, and work with others to design a better program.

~ Osama Khalil ~

Senior Technical Support Specialist


Osama is one of the Senior dedicated support Network engineers and specialist NOK for more than 4 years, he joined Ark Technologies for the last 2 years and implemented his experience in the FinTech solutions, and managed the technical support team. Osama is a hard worker according to all customers' feedback, and his availability is one of the unique values for all Ark's Clients.

Understanding the Financial Solutions and implementing the client's needs into Ark Trader is not an easy task, but Osama made it easier for all brokers, and he can customize the clients' needs with Ark products with no need for extra efforts according to his high level of experience.

~ Ashraf Gammoh ~

Sales Director


Ashraf has been enthralled by introducing automation to the financial organization for the last 15 years. He has been involved in more than 100 Banking and Financial organization automation journeys helping them choose the right approaches and suitable solutions and plans to achieve the best automation benefits.

As Sales Director, Ashraf leads the consultancy role to help define and roll out the optimal approach to creating Automation within and across an organization. His deep experience in the needs of the industry, future trends, and leading technologies positions him and his team to provide unparalleled innovation and rock-solid technology.

~ The Ark Platform ~

Something we are really proud of!

With both Brokers and Clients in mind, our Ark Trader platform was engineered, designed, and developed with the latest technologies in the I.T. industry to handle any future business expansion in no time.


~ Ark Server Core ~

Futuristic Design to Handle All Your Needs


Powered by Linux Operating System and Java, our Futuristic Backend design from the database to the server core was done to serve all brokers' needs. Our structure was built to expand the features in no time and with the best performance. The technologies used to build our server core are the same ones used by Enterprise Companies such as YouTube, Twitter, and Netflix.

As for the Ark Feeder application, it is capable of broadcasting prices to multiple servers with hundreds of scripts in real-time, and the servers are prepared to handle such incredibly fast prices with the best performance and utilizes the resources of the server to ensure reliable and fast response for all actions. Plus, the server core is ready to accept prices from multiple Ark Feeder applications, which means you can feed your system from multiple Ark Feeders with different exchanges and providers for each script.

Controlling the feed is a hard job for the brokers, and some brokers are hiring an IT team for such task, Ark Trader Feeder server-side Windows Application built to make this task very easy for a non-IT employee to add a new script and connect his Ark Trader license with any feed he wants within minutes of work, whatever if the Source Price Feed is supporting DDE, or RTD, even if your Source Price Feed has FIX or any other kind of API(s) our team will help you to connect your Ark Trader license to the Source Price Feed using any kind of API(s).

Moreover, you can feed multiple Price Source Feeds to your Ark Trading system from different exchanges from distant servers that may not be located in the same places.

For the weekly settlement, our Ark Feeder application is capable to send the settlement price for all the scripts in a matter of one click, which will make you ready to start the Auto Settlement from your Mothership application directly and close your week's work in a matter of minutes.

~ Ark Mothership ~

Brokers' Dreams Come True

Ark Mothership ~ Hassle-Free Management

Overview for the Dealing Room

Ark Trader Mothership is the right trusted choice for the qualified brokers and institutional trading community who are looking for an easy management with an advanced structure for his White Labels, introduced Brokers and clients with many features that are studied and architectured well to fulfill your business needs with different exchanges, and for the world’s largest brokers in the foreign exchange and capital markets. Below is a very short list of why to choose Ark Trader:

   Advanced Multi-Level Management Tree for Clients/ White labels to customize your business according to the regional branches or type of currency and scripts.

   Monitor clients’ net positions using Opened Summary Deals and Closed Summary Deals screens, per group or per client.

   Manage all your clients’ deal by editing or deleting unwanted deal.

   Session Monitor allows you to monitor your logged-in users from the connected IP address and monitor the arbitrager or scalpers.

   Liquidation Cockpit option allows the Trader/ Dealer to monitor all account’s positions to close them when one of these values Equity, Margin Level, or Total Profit Loss condition hits.

   Auto Settlement functionality: with an easy management procedure like the Auto Settlement feature, you will be able to settle all your clients’ opened deals at the weekend, by closing clients’ positions for all/specific groups of accounts at the settlement price that is provided from your exchange within 1 minute and less.

   Auto Money Settlement feature allows you to manage all clients’ money for all/ Specific groups of clients to make auto deposits for balance less than zero and withdrawal for any client who has a balance more than zero within less than 1 minute, this feature will avoid wasting brokers’ time of making money settlement client by client and broker per broker.

   Cancel Bulk Entry/ Exit orders for multiple offices or White Labels to settle the pending orders at the weekend.

   Live Transactions screen to monitor your transactions for the entire system, live.

   Live Users screen to monitor your live users who are currently online.

   Advanced Scripts Management: With too many properties to help brokers automate their business without the need to keep configuring each rollover, we’ve added an advanced Scripts Manager feature that allows you to control hundreds of scripts with easy management options, for easy setup and scripts rollover action for future contracts, with fewer staff resources.

   And much more features like Hit entry at high and low and public news and other features that are available in the Spacestation setting.

Overview for the End-Users (Clients & IBs)

For easy trading and quick action trading functionalities, we implemented all clients’ and brokers’ needs within one platform with many advanced and easy to use trading features.

   Close All/ Selected Deals ability per client for bulk of order over same or different scripts for easy and quick trading, with many other trading functionalities like Hedge All/ Selected Deals, Duplicate All/ Selected Deals.

   With Net Deals monitoring and control screen, the client will be able to monitor all their opened Deals as the Net amount, Net Average Price, Net volume and they can hedge Net Deals with one click.

   By adding more filtering options to the history screen to let the broker/trader see all their deals from the History screen and filter them by all types of trades, it has History Views with Classic, Positions, Deals and Orders modes for users, and the trader can export all kind of screen to any kind of reports as XLSX, Text, CSV or PDF with Variety of reports to help brokers get a quick oversight of their performance and take necessary decisions.

   Monitor Market News for Multiple and different News Providers.

   Exchange View will give familiar trading experience for local Exchange Stock software, and many other ready built-in templates with Multiple themes for the system to cover all trading tastes, with Lock System and Auto-Lock system after being idle for a specified time.

   Advanced built-in Charts with TradingView's partnership.

~ Policies' Management ~

Your Management Engine for both Clients and Dealers


With Detailed Scripts Policies to control your business the way you want, and assign the policies to the clients you want.

Huge permission options to control the permission of each dealer based on your business structure.

Ark Trader Policy management allows you to control your client(s) parameter values with an easy management override option as multi-level management and per account(s).

By creating one policy you can assign this new policy of all kinds to many accounts, and if you are looking to have one new special policy for a specific account, you can create a new policy and assign it to this new account with the special values.

Client script Policy:

Clients Scripts Policy is one of the main policies to set up your client(s) to let them start trading according to your values that you need.

With Scripts Policy you can configure the Opened Commission and Closed Commission either fixed or a percentage value.

Also, with Limit/ Stop Offset values that prevent the trade from adding a new entry or exit order near to the market according to the Offset Value that you want, plus you can control the spread value either as Average or Fixed Value, Visibility option allows the broker to control Show/ Hide Scripts according to your offices/ departments or regional branches according to your tree structure, at the end you can control the minimum and maximum amount that client allowed to take on each deal, and the maximum net deals the client can hold at a time.

Client Generic Policy:

The generic policy is the general configuration for your client(s) to manage their liquidation type either per equity or margin level and its liquidation value.

With Advanced Opened and closed commission you can control how to calculate either opened commission or closed commission when the clients close their positions by hedge, or control them both according to your brokerage vision, along with Margin calculation control over hedged deals.

With the Enable hedging option, you can customize the client that assigning to this policy can open hedge deals as buy and sell at the same, or the account will be as one side trading concept net deal concept.

Robo Policy:

The workplace is host to a wide assortment of human errors, some of which can be relatively harmless while others can be detrimental, with the Robo Policy the brokers can prevent and protect their dealing room from the Arbitragers and scalpers by assigning the Robo policy to specific client or bulk of clients with specific rules of deals acceptance according to their trading behaviors and configure it per script within specific acceptance period (per seconds) and adding slippage to their price.

Copier Policy:

With Copier Policy you can copy trades instantly from one account or bulk of accounts to a single account of your choice with many good features that will help you to customize your business structure, like same direction or opposite direction, percentage level, and per type of trade per script or group of scripts.

Most of the brokers are using the following amazing features to manage their group as percentage management, and Multi-Account Management (MAM), and Percentage Allocation Money Management (PAMM) Modules, internally.

Agent Commission Policy::

Using the Agent Commission policy, the brokers will be able to start their affiliation program with their money managers and introduced brokers with no need for frequent monthly settlement headaches with them.

You can manage the bulk of clients to one agent and distribute the commission to him as a fixed or percentage amount, by managing one or different clients in the same group to the same agent even if the client(s) accounts are available in different offices in your tree in a multi-level manner.

Also, you can configure it as a Broker Commission instead as different from the client’s commission and your commission to add the remaining to the agent account, per script and per client or group of clients.

~ Ark Mobile Traders ~

Trade Anytime, Anywhere at your fingertips


Blazing fast trading execution, with low latency price refreshing, server requests of any kind will increase your clients’ trading volume, Advanced built-in Charts with TradingView partnership.

With Close All/ Selected Deals ability per client or group.

Net Deals screen to monitor all Deals Net amount, hedge Net Deals, and Net Average Price.

~ Ark Web Trader ~

Operating-System Nondependent, Extremely-Light Trader


With web trader, your clients can trade from anywhere and from any kind of device, at Mac or tablet, or any device that has a web browser without any download requierements, and it supports advanced trading capabilities that will make sure your clients won't mess a trade wherever they are.

~ Ark Mobile Admin ~

Managing your Ark Trader's system at your fingertips. Anytime, Anywhere!


Ark Admin lets you manage the administrative aspects of your Ark platform on the go. Anytime, Anywhere, Browse and manage your system users, manage all their transactions, and view your organization's live transactions and reports.

For whom? - This app is only intended for Ark platform brokers and dealing rooms.

It provides the following features:

   Quotes features - monitor all your scripts prices and details.

   User management features - review all your system users, and be able to Create/Update/Delete them using our super fast administration technology.

   Financial management - deposit, withdraw, credit-in, credit-out, and adjust money for any user, in one click.

   Manual open positions - place your new manual position by selecting the required user and script, in one click.

   Live transactions - stay updated with your system live transactions and all their details, anytime - anywhere.

   Live users - check who is currently working on your platform, and all his details.

   Summaries management - monitor opened and closed summaries and their totals.

   Reports (All admin reports).

Ark Admin is a portable online management application available on any internet-enabled device. Although it is light on your device, Ark Admin offers dealers the main tools found in the Ark platform with easy navigation, display, and flexibility in browsing between its screens. Feel the power of the Ark trading platform on your device and be connected to the market and never disconnect from your business.

Ark Admin is the best solution for dealers who may not find time to monitor or even be connected with their Live transactions on their PCs, Try It yourself and find how convenient and flexible managing your platform is with this App, benefiting from the same functionalities your System is providing for you, with few simple steps, just download the app, enter your dealer login information, select your server, and you are ready to Go...

Below you will find the flexible pricing plans we have for the Ark Mobile Admin License:

# of Dealers Charges / Month
1 Dealer $75 / Month
3 Dealers $125 / Month
5 Dealers $200 / Month
10 Dealers $300 / Month
Open (Linked with your System License) $600 / Month

* You can have a dedicated package for Admin Mobile with your logo and name (Branded Admin Mobile) with an extra $333 / Month.


~ Ark CRM ~

Revolutionizing Client Relationship Management in Finance


Ark CRM, a cutting-edge Client Relationship Management system designed to redefine the way financial institutions engage with clients and streamline administrative processes.

Key Features for Clients:

   Seamless Transactions: Ark CRM facilitates a smooth financial experience by enabling clients to place withdrawal, deposit, and loan requests effortlessly. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and welcome a new era of efficiency.

   Comprehensive Account Management: Clients can now access their account history with ease, allowing them to stay informed about their financial activities. The intuitive interface ensures a user-friendly experience, empowering clients to take control of their accounts.

   Powerful Analysis Tools: Ark CRM goes beyond basic transactions, offering clients robust analysis tools. Dive deep into financial data, identify trends, and make informed decisions for a more prosperous financial future.

   Financial Standing and Recent Activities: Ark CRM empowers clients with the ability to check their financial standing and review recent activities. Stay informed about your financial standing, track activities, and plan for the future with comprehensive insights at your fingertips.

Admin Features for Greater Control:

   Efficient Transaction Management: Administrators gain the ability to oversee and manage withdrawal, deposit, and loan requests seamlessly. Streamlined processes ensure timely and accurate transactions.

   Insightful Dashboard: Stay ahead with a comprehensive dashboard providing real-time statistics. Administrators can monitor key metrics, track performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize financial operations.

   Banks Management Made Simple: Ark CRM empowers administrators to manage banks within the system effortlessly. Add, modify, or remove banks with a few clicks, ensuring a dynamic and adaptable financial infrastructure.

   Client Management: Admins can efficiently manage client accounts, enhancing the level of service provided. Ark CRM simplifies client management for administrators, from money transactions to sending mails to notify them about any news.

   Detailed Reports: Gain valuable insights through detailed reports. Ark CRM provides administrators with in-depth analytics, ensuring the institution stays ahead in a competitive landscape.

Ark CRM is the Future of Financial Management:

With Ark CRM, we usher in a new era of financial management, blending advanced features with user-friendly interfaces. Whether you are a client seeking a seamless financial experience or an administrator looking for efficient tools, Ark CRM is the comprehensive solution you've been waiting for.

Below you will find the pricing plans we have for the Ark CRM License (which depends on your system license):

License Charges / Month
Startup $250 / Quarter
Standard $450 / Quarter
Investor $750 / Quarter
Professional $1,800 / Quarter
Premium $2,000 / Quarter
Elite $2,200 / Quarter

~ Ark Bridge ~

Risk-Free STP Bridging made easy.

Ark STP Bridge ~ New Risk Management Revolution

With our revolutionary designed risk management Straight-Through Processing (STP) bridge, you can rest assured that your desired nodes are covered with your liquidity provider so you can work with a risk-free model.

According to our FinTech team researches, we have led to advances in automated trading of complex derivatives, including non-deliverable forwards, and since Ark Trader reached a higher level of financial technologies services, we are glad to provide Ark Bridge solution to all brokers to save their times and dealing room headaches. With Ark to Multiple liquidity provider bridge, the broker will be able connect his dealing room and clients’ trade or specific group of clients to another LP or multiple LPs.

Human error is to blame for up to 90% of workplace accidents and can cost money, create a loss of time, and interrupt workplace productivity. Knowing the various types of human error can help you learn how to prevent them in the workplace. With the Ark Bridge software application, you can pass your clients’ orders to another Ark liquidity provider with minutes of configurations with zero brokers’ mistakes.

Since we are expanding our network we are providing Ark to Non-Ark Bridge with different liquidity providers that are using different kind of APIs, so all you need to do is Install your Ark Bridge and ask our Team to enable the Non-Ark bridge to you by connecting it with FIX API or other types of APIs.

~ Ark Weekend Distribution ~

Affiliate Program Made Easy


With our deep understanding of how the stock market is working and how the brokers and their affiliates introduced brokers work together, we designed this addon to make sure that whatever your affiliate program is, it can be handled in no time.

~ Ark Public API ~

Expand your Business Ideas

Ark Public API - The Sky is the Limit

Our safe admin API (Application Programming Interface) lets your business imagination come to life. You can apply any business needs with our safe, secured, and flexible Admin APIs that require dealer login to access and have no availability to end-user clients.

API availability for Broker functionalities accesses for advanced developers to build their in-house business ideas or integrate your Ark Trading data with another third party applications, with full administration privilege through your Ark Trader License.

~ Pricing ~

All your needs are taken care of

Our extremely flexible plans let you choose easily which plan suits your business needs, whether it is for a startup Shared white label business up to the fully-controlled Elite Dedicated license.

~ Testimonial ~

We like making people smile


Seven Ocean Pro

"CFD and Forex brokers are moving towards new technology. ARK is built with 2020's latest technologies. With Ultra-low latency quotes, fastest platform which has the ability to trade Stocks, Indices, Forex, and Commodities on one platform. Switch to ARK and get updated always. A faster, clearer, and smarter way to trade. Seize your opportunities with a cutting-edge platform built around your needs."


Kanak House Bullion

"Ark Technologies has an excellent team of experts with exceptional knowledge who understand our requirements and have been providing us the best trading experience. We are happy to choose their services and highly recommend them."


Money Ocean FX Ltd

"We Have been Working with Ark Trader, by Ark Technologies since day one, these guys are consistent with new updates and development. If we want something that needs to be developed or an idea we want someone to draw out for us, we know the guys to go to."


AXIOM Traders Limited

"I have been using different forex trading software in my 25 years career, but now what I found is the best software Ark Trader with all features and developed with all latest technology and experienced developers, I can trade all exchanges in one platform, Ark Mobile Trader is also the best one in my hand now, I recommend every trader to go for Ark Trader. My clients are also satisfied and happy."

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